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Base Uptown (Tinbilly)

Today I had the opportunity to enjoy a lovely lunch at Base Uptown (Tinbilly) backpackers as part of my internship at Brisbane Marketing. As being a former backpacker, I couldn’t help but remembering all the great things I have experienced during my travelling time. Also checking out the hostel and comparing it to others was inevitable for me as I have stayed in plenty of different hostel all around Australia 🙂

So I have summarised all the good facts. First thing is of course location. It is literally opposite the Roma Street Transit Centre (466 George St) where all the coach buses (Greyhound or Premier buses) arrive in Brisbane. So it’s the most convenient place to check in after a long ride on the bus and avoid long walks in the heat with your luggage. Walking distance to CBD is about 5-10min, depending on where you want to go in the city, so it’s close to everything.

My next point is a very simple feature which a lot of people assume every hostel would have: an elevator. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case and believe me there is nothing worse than having to climb up 2+ levels by stairs with all your luggage. So an additional and very simple positive point for Base Uptown for having an elevator!

Once checked in, the next thing of importance is the rooms of course. They have quite a variety of rooms from cheaper share rooms to private rooms with TV and aircon. And the best, all rooms have Ensuite! Also all rooms have sound proof walls that means no matter what’s going on outside or downstairs in the bar, once you are in the room you can relax and blend out the rest. Staying connected is easy as there is Wifi around the whole hostel using Global Gossip with $4 for 24hrs internet.

One of the best parts of backpacking is to meet new people from all over the world and having a fun time. That’s why there is a bar downstairs at the Hostel called Tinbilly bar, where you can enjoy lunch as well as having a drink and a good time at night. During the day you can buy affordable and nice food, I tried the salmon when we went there (you easily pay up to $25 in other places for salmon, it was only $15!) and it was delicious. It’s a nice laid back atmosphere in the bar and because there are windows all around the bar, a nice and refreshing breeze cooled us down. I haven’t checked out the place at night, but I will definitely go there some time soon. Backpacker bars tend to be much more fun even for people who stay permanently in Brisbane, as the people are much more diverse and looking for a good and fun time.

In saying all that, of course there is room for improvement and also the hostel management is aware of it. That’s why they are redeveloping and redesigning some areas around the hostel at the moment.  For instance, there are currently planning on an entertainment program for the bar including live music or international theme nights. Also they are refreshing the corridor spaces and the common area.

It is also good to know that this Hostel is part of the 3 Base hostels here in Brisbane. We weren’t able to visit the other ones, but there are two more named Base Central and Base Embassy.

Base Central is located in 308 Edward Street which is just opposite the train central station and the amazing building has a great vintage look. Downstairs is the famous Down Under Bar, a backpacker bar with 7 days a week party. An additional great service is the Job Club. They provide help with finding a job around Brisbane which is useful not only for backpackers as well as for students who stay at the Hostel.  There is also a travel desk in Central where you book all your travel trips with some discount – they usually have some special deals!

The last one, Base Embassy, is located in 214 Elizabeth St which is 2min from one of the major shopping malls, the Myer Centre. It has a quieter atmosphere and is the newest building out of the 3 hostels.

It was nice to be able to check out one of the hostels here in Brisbane and I had a great lunch there!! Thanks heaps for the tour!

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A day at Base Uptown (Tinbilly) Backpackers Hostel!


APT7 Up Late


APT7 –The 7th Asia Pacific Triennial of contemporary art opening night was on at the 8th December!!

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This FREE event at GOMA in South Bank was a nice night out. A DJ created a nice and welcoming atmosphere around the art galleries and made exploring all different kind and styles of art more fun.

Most impressive for me personal were the paintings by Raqib Shaw. His large scale paintings are showing a world full of strange animals and hybrid creatures which are inspired by mythodology.

The paintings are fascinating and disturbing at the same time with its beauty combined with violence. I must admit I stared quite a while at them as there are million details on those large paintings.






Another part of the exhibition got my interest: Eeney, Meeney, Money Moe 2012 by Tintin Wulia. More explained underneath:



One part of the exhibition (mainly for kids) was engaging visitors to get creative themselves. In two rooms with walls out ofcardboard (one completely blue,the other yellow) you could help yourself and get active and creative by cutting and gluing pieces of cardboard together. Of course we couldn’t miss out on that!!! 🙂


Mastermyne Underground Training Complex Visit




Last Thursday a unique opportunity came up for us BISAS: We were able to visit Mastermyne’s underground training complex in Pinkenba, about 30 min drive from Brisbane CBD.  Only two divisions exist in Australia, one in Mackay and the other one just recently opened in Brisbane.

What is it for? Working underground requires extensive training to minimise the risks which are involved in working on the sites. Therefore Mastermyne built training centres where workers receive excellent training under real underground conditions with the safety of being able to leave the building immediately if needed. About 40% of the training is in classrooms where workers learn the necessary theory about safety/use of equipment and even things like specific language terms or reading a map! The main part of the training however is actual praxis in the underground simulated complex.

Work shifts are 12 hrs per day and you spend the whole day in a pitch-black dark and warm environment and safety procedures have to be internalised as if ever things go wrong you’d only have seconds to react. Therefore Mastermyne prepares the workers for critical situations as well as everyday routines.

It has been an interesting and exciting day for us and I’ve learnt a lot about employment in the mining industry. Thanks to Mastermyne for that great opportunity!!


Ekka 2012



About three weeks ago, I was able to attend one of the biggest events here in Brisbane for the first time for me. The event is called Ekka and at the RNA showgrounds you were able to see lots and lots of animals, watch all different sorts of shows (from dog races to stunt bike shows) as well as enjoy a variety of delicious food. Several educational displays are provided to give kids and adults a better understanding of animals, farm work and other interesting topics. You can also enjoy a ride on rollercosters and all those different rides (fun to watch for me, but my stomach wouldn’t like it if I go on one of those!!). We were lucky with the weather and enjoyed our day together with the other ambassadors on this unique event!

It was an awesome get together of us and hundreds of other people and an entertaining and fun option to spend a Saturday!! Looking forward to next year’s Ekka!


Scenic Rim Day Trip


On a lovely Saturday, the 26th May, we were on another BISA (Brisbane International Student Ambassadors) trip! Scenic Rim is an area with a beautiful landscape which consists of a mountain chain between Brisbane and Tamborine Mountain. Those impressive mountains used to be active volcanoes millions of years back and still today, they have a breathtaking effect on visitors. ‘A World Apart’ is the name of a day trip you can do with the subtitle ‘Discover the hidden tastes of Mt Barney’. It includes 5 stops around the area of Mt Barney, opened 9am to 4pm. Our first stop was the Mt Barney Lodge where we could enjoy a free bushtucker tour with an introduction into the use of natural and local ingredients and delicious recipes.

After that, the 2nd stop was the Barney Creek Vineyard Cottages. We got an interesting insight in the production of wines and could even taste 5 local wines for free. I have to admit I couldn’t resist buying one as a souvenir for my dad! 🙂


This was followed by a stop at the Rathdowny Alpaca Farm (my personal favourite). A free farm visit and introduction to ‘All things Alpaca’ was included and we learnt a lot about those cute looking animals. Fashion garments, beautiful handcrafted items and giftware was available to buy there as well.

The time went pass so quickly that it was time for food, therefore we went to our next stop (and unfortunately last) Classi di Cucina Italiana where we wanted to buy the famous wood fired pizzas made by Pietro Agnoletto, but we got there too late so it was already sold out! However, we got free gelato samples which definitely made up for it! So so delicious!

The fifth stop would have been the Thistledown Country Retreat which consists of a self guided tour through a garden, but we weren’t able to make it there on time.

To sum up, we had a beautiful day with outdoor activities, learnt a lot new things about the regions around Brisbane and luckily enjoyed a day full of sun! I can only highly recommend this Scenic Rim Day trip ‘A World Apart’ if you are interested in nature and wonderful landscapes.

We Student Ambassadors ended our day with a yummy dinner at Sunnybank with Vietnamese food and I couldn’t resist to buy delicious waffles with ice cream and red beans as dessert.

Thanks Study Brisbane.

Buddha Festival 4-6.05.12


The Buddha Birthday Festival was on the weekend of 4.-6.05.12 and it was its 16th Aniversary at Brisbane Southbank Parklands. A beautiful cultural event (free enrty) with events like Baby Blessing Ceremonies, Cultural Performances, concerts and the highlight were fireworks on the Sunday night. I was only able to make it on Sunday after work and I regretted that I didn’t find the time to go there earlier. The diverse people and colourful decoration created a lively atmosphere. The variety of food gave me a hard time to choose (making decisions aren’t my strengths), but finally I enjoyed the fireworks with yummy Thai noodles and had a perfect end of the weekend by listening to a concert with some friends.

I can only hardly recommend to visit this beautiful event next year and I will be there, that’s for sure!!




Brisbane Racing Carnival


Study Brisbane gave us International Student Ambassadors the opportunity to experience the Brisbane Carnival Racing 2012 which was held on Saturday (12.05.12) the the Doomben Racetracks. It’s basically getting all dressed up fancy and watching the horse races, it’s being considered as a real Aussie experience. Gentlemen suit up and the ladies are famous for her hats or extraordinary head decorations. It was so much fun to be a lady for a day! 🙂

We were so lucky as the weather was beautiful and unexpected sunny (yes, forgot to put sunscreen on so ended up with a red face at night). It was fun to hang out together and even make some bets (didn’t win, for the record). To sum up, it was a fun and relaxing Saturday, one of those days I really needed!Thanks Study Brisbane for the great experience.